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as a modular stent inspection system

The NSI-7 automated stent inspection is unique in its kind. A 100% automated inspection system, which covers all required stent inspection procedures.. As the system has a modular design, one can configure the system upon requirement.

All modules as described on this website can be included as a module of the NSI-7
Every user can combine modules to the best process fit.

  • GeoCerte - geometry inspection
  • AequCerte - surface inspection
  • AltuCerte - wall thickness inspection
  • LonguCerte - length and diameter inspection
  • a variaty of robot handling systems
  • a variaty of feeding systems
  • a variaty of reject storages
  • a variaty of data handling and control options

To cover FDA compliancy, it is necessary to include at least the GeoCerte and the AequCerte module, everything else is up to you! Wall thickness, ID, OD, discoloration issues, length, weight or even coating thickness. All of those can be included in your NSI-7.

Automated stent inspection assures a reliable quality assurance process which allows a 100% traceable quality control and minimizes human intervention.

Please contact one of our sales persons to tell you more about the possibilities.


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