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The MovElix is a product group designed for handling stents and other medical devices. Movi because the stent is being moved below your inspection system and Helix because that reflects the transition of the stent.

Leveraged from the NSI-7 automatic  stent inspection, MovElix is provided in different configurations: manual, semi-automatic and fully-automatic.

A stable stent fixture assures an ideal platform for optical inspection. The operator can easily fix the stent in the device and manipulate either rotary of longitudinal movement of the device. The device will always stay in focus and the movement stays constant at all times. The operator can now completely focus on the inspection of the device, which will improve your compliancy.

no refocusing of microscopes necessary * low speed for inspection * medium speed for positioning * high speed for fast forward or reverse * mandrels and FDA approved drive unit * stereo or digital microscope compatible * stand-alone with own power plug-In

The image above shows an application of where the MovElix is being used in combination with a digital microscope. The operator just has the perfect view of the stent and can easily focus on the different areas by using pre-set focus distances.

Besides a digital microscope, the MovElix can just as well be used with standard steoreo microscopes. Also in that case your medical device will always remain in the pre-set focus of you stereo microscope.


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