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length inspection

The LonguCerte is a product group designed for the length and diameter inspection of a stent.

The LonguCerte offers a contactless inspection under body temperature conditions. Especially interesting for Nitinol stents, but also very usable for other types of stents.

batch inspection of 10 Stents * backlight for high contrast * temperature controlled inspection area * resolution: 1 x 1 µm * telecentric lens * measurement accuracy: 0,001 mm * pass/fail decision by the software * automatic mandrel selection based on ID

Stents are inspected in batches of 10 stents. The operator takes the stents with a stent picking tool and scans the batch number. Without the proper ID he or she won't be able to load the system.

After all stents have been placed on the tray, it runs through a temperature controlled inspection area. A camera system takes one or more images of a sigle stent, depending on the lenth, and stitches them to one single stent.

Only stents with the correct length and diameter are accepted by the system. Stents are inspected in a batch of 10 pieces and only the hatches of the accepted stents will be opened for the operator to load the stent on a sapphire mandrel


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