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height inspection

The AltuCerte is a product group designed for the height inspection of a stent.

The AltuCerte offers a contactless height inspection, which takes away the biggest risk of the conventional tactile measurement: surface pitting.

The altuCerte offers height inspection to its highest degree and offers the highest rate of repeatability and reproducibility in the field.

non-contact measurement * confocal sensor: 1 measurement spot * chromatic principle * spot size:  30 µm * height Resolution: 40 nm* 360+ degrees or line measurement * 1 – 10.000 measurement points in a single scan * Inspection time 20mm Stent: 30 seconds * Measurement accuracy: 500 nm * optional 3D mapping with triangular laser technology

The stent is measured directly on the sapphire mandrel. The confocal sensor measures a line along the length of the stent and measures the top of the struts relative to the OD of the sapphire mandrel. The relative distance is the wall thickness of the struts.

The mandrel can be rotated more than 360 degrees, which makes it possible to measure as many lines as you like along the circumference of the stent.

The green and red line in the image show the upper and lower tolerance of the wall thickness. The administrator is allowed to set the tolerance parameters with which the system will automatically accept and reject the stent.

As part of the extended wall thickness inspection it is possible to make a 3D topography of the stent. Again the wall thickness is calculated relative to the mandrel, which results in a highly repeatable wall thickness inspection.



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