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Stent Inspection

Why stick to conventional inspection if you can inspect your stents with a high-end inspection system like the NSI-7?

Quality control by human interception is not as objective as it might seem. Even strict quality control procedures do not fully assure zero-defects nor provide a reliable AND traceable system. Automated image analysis and pass/reject evaluation is objective and reliable.

GDO’s vision on automation of stent inspection is based on experience within leading industries that have been eager to adept new technologies and quality assurance procedures. GDO has found the synergy of these in material handling, precision tooling and vision engineering and used that to develop the stent inspection.

There are several degrees of stent inspection and with that of course, the automation of stent inspection, and GDO knows for a fact that not every customer has the same needs. This is exactly why we developed a modular and configurable stent inspection system with of the shelf modules.

Either for R&D, process development, manual production or even automated production. The NSI-7 is your system for stent inspection.

To secure a sustainable system that covers the complete supply chain GDO developed additional services like customer calibration, qualification and validation packages in order to get it released for their production.


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